The Studio

The studio equipment for every job or occasion which is completely (with many analogue plug-ins) digital and can produce clean, clear quality mastering of any instruments or music types.

  • Intel dual core power (Mac),
  • 10 gig ram 1.3 terra internal + T.C electronic Konnekt 24D
  • Stylus RMX
  • Symphonic Choirs
  • Novation bass station
  • Vienna Orchestral Cube plus harps / horns / overdrive / guitars / FX percussion
  • Miroslav Vitous Orch CD Rom’s & much more such samples and plugin synths such as Rektor, Blue, LinnPlugg, Albino 3, Vangaurd, Massive, Absynth 4, Octopus, Sophistry, Sax lab, Philharmonik, Rapture, RMIV, Moog mod V2, Mini moog V, CS-80v, Surge (over 27,000+) & Korg/Roland boxes.
  • Live area that will seat five comfortably.


  • AKG C3000B
  • Byer
  • AKG C1000
  • Audio Technic
  • Sure
  • Sennheiser