Ten Advanced Studies for Trumpet with helpful hints for practise and career development


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I wrote this book when I was a young keen playing pro in 1993, I was only out of college 5 years and I’d already played with most orchestras in the UK spending time with the Royal Opera, Philharmonia, BBCSO, RLPO, Ulster and L’orchestre de Paris. Orchestral playing had been my world since the age of 12 and after 15 years on the orchestral scene I tried the solo platform. After one performance in London I was introduced to Don Getzen who had just brought out his new line of DEG’s, he asked me if I would be a UK endorsee, I said yes. I was keen to help the music college student who were aiming at orchestral life, I was also keen to help them in advancing the basic technique above the daily required norm.  In the first part of the book there’s advice on the profession including general niceties & social behaviour, pointing out hidden repertoire gems along the way and lists of rep for different trumpet job types that would come up for audition, practise and concepts like the necessity of mouthpiece work & use of the picc et al. The second part contains 10 studies and preparatory exercises for them. The first five are built on basic techniques, the single tongue, the double, the triple, the slur, the fingers. The second five studies use all the techniques combined. Finally, at the end of part 2 we have useful daily exercises plus I break up some standard orchestral rep into practise portion ideas to get round the specific technical problems it throws up. They are a tough work out designed to push one on to another technical level and by just playing and persevering with them, it will do just do that for your playing.