Phil Lawrence | Film Composer

Phil Lawrence
Film Composer

Phil’s musical abilities are wide-ranging, from creating that “EWF Horn Section” to “Prokofiev / John Williams-esque score” to “1930’s Duke Ellington arr.” to “Victorian drawing room charm” to the psychological depths of Mahler or a head banging session with “Guns N’ Roses”, a boogie on down with “Stevie Wonder in his Talking Book hay days” to a “Pierre Boulez contemporary concrete concert hall nightmare” veering across to a “Marching Band / Drum Line explosion” Phil is no doubt a musical style guru when demanded. But this does not mean he doesn’t have his own unique style and, of course, musical point of view.

Phil is a person who has grown up, trained, studied, and gained high profile professional status both as a player / performer / soloist / conductor and as a composer / arranger / orchestrator / programmer / studio owner. This might sound like a tall order, but you can do and go a long way in 25 years. He’s also a keen wit, with a great sense of humour!

Phil is certainly not without experience in any of the areas of music production, having been a pro in the music biz since 1979 (at 17, and actually writing music since he was 10); he also has five music degrees (ARCM PGRNCM MFTCL ARCM B.Mus).


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